Oh so comfy… Loungewear

I’ve always been the type of girl that enjoys a more relaxed and casual look. Due to the present day circumstances, I’m basically living in my comfy loungewear but I’m not complaining, I’m absolutely loving it.

There are so many loungewear designs and styles that are stylish enough to be worn for sleep, with family/friends, for a daily walk and running to the supermarket (or after your kids lol). You can get tons of use out of them. It’s so easy to throw on a matching set or mix things up and still look amazing and feel extremely comfortable in them.

Self isolation is quickly becoming part of our daily new routine and our couches, our kitchens and of course Netflix/Stan have been keeping us entertained in some way or form…

This is our current life now, so stay safe, stay home and stay comfy and make loungewear apart of your everyday wardrobe. Whatever your style, choose Loungewear that you love. you won’t regret investing in some seriously Chic sets. I invested in a few cozy loungewear pieces, well lots of them actually but you can never have too many!!

One of my favorites is this cute sumptuously soft jumpsuit and robe from The Iconic from Marks & Spencer. It has gorgeous Lace trimming on the sleeves, a stunning yet simple wrap cut and it is so comfortable it almost feels like your wearing nothing.

They are also the perfect gift for just about anyone.

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