My Mum…My influencer

Fashion has always been apart of my life from a child and formed my passion for it whilst growing up. Influenced by my mother who was a fashion designer and all round artist, one of my childhood dreams was to do something artistic too. So once I finished high school I decided to study Visual Merchandizing at RMIT and then followed my passion in Music and Fashion Styling.

Designed in 1986 by my Mum!!

My mum has always been such an amazing part of my life and I always use to admire her dazzling designs and her talent. She is a super mum with magical hands. She would create her own spectacular garments from scratch and would always look so stylish and unique in her designs.

She did however design matching outfits for my sister and I. We didn’t always approve when we were young as we’d have our Greek Aunties pinching our cheeks and saying “ftou ftou” how cute we were in our matching clothes.. But hey, it was kind of sweet until we hit our teenage years and took our own paths with our very own personal fashion styles.

Florals are super on trend this year!!

I am going to share with you some of her amazing designs from the 70s, 80s and even 90s in my blog for the next few months. She has kept her simple yet chic creations for me and my sister because she knows fashion always does a full circle and things always come back into style.

This is going to be lots of fun!!

Spring is in the air and so my first choice is this bright, colourful and floral two piece

designed and made by mum in 1986!!

Billowy and playful.
Chiffon flowy Floral mid calf skirt
Organic tank top in bright red.
Green taffeta short sleeve Cardigan/Top with shoulder pads. (So 80’S)

Thanks Mum… I Love You!!!

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