Oh boy… Third Boi!!

I’ve Fallen in love with this label, Its playful yet elegant and so cozy!!

I discovered Third Boi one evening whilst I was looking online for Australian made products. There are so many mind blowing fashion labels made/designed right here in Australia, its overwhelming and exciting at the same time. One label in particular caught my attention that night and it is so close to home… Melbourne based Third Boi.

I just wanted to slip into the whole range of comfy looking tops, pants, sweats, cardigans and everything it had to offer.

I learnt more about this authentic Australian brand and its amazing journey and now I’m going to share it with you!!!

Third Boi was created by Bianca Latorre, a Melbourne mum looking to re-discover her style. After working with some of Australia’s most inspiring and talented businesses as a qualified textile designer and homeware designer she decided to use her great qualities and focus on her own fashion label. Well done!!

She wanted to create fashion that was stylish, simple and comfy and not over priced and she definitely did just that with Third Boi. I absolutely love where the name of the brand has derived from too “Being a busy mum of two boys, she decided that her latest creation adopted the name Third Boi, nurturing it with the same amount of love and devotion as a third child!’ I have one energetic little boy and he takes up my whole life, I don’t know how she does it lol!!

With attention to detail, pattern and colour Third Boi caters for the needs of the everyday woman, whether she is a stay home busy mum just like me or running endless errands and everything you can imagine.

The range is classy and refined with a sustainable focus on fit and branding.

Third Boi will forever be a part of my wardrobe with its simple design aesthetic. well defined lines, minimal colour, subtle branding, quality fabrics and finishing touches, it really is the perfect wear for everyday. It’s simple and effortless to wear. I’m wearing the Third Boi Oswald cardigan and the black albert skirt and I just invested in their gorgeous light grey tote bag.

Check out the whole range here: Third Boi if you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for?

If your looking for a classy and cozy style

then Third Boi is worth your while

Its comfy and Its chic

Its Simple and Unique.

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