Deshabille Sleepwear… Ça, c’ est le confort.

Ca c’est le confort… This is my idea of comfort!! Deshabilles range is the absolute perfection in super softness and style. This luxurious Australian sleepwear brand (and more) oozes sophistication and class. Sleep wear isn’t just for sleeping anymore.

While we are practicing social distancing, we are all spending a lot more time at home, this has become the new going out so I’m doing it with style in this gorgeous 2 piece Grey relaxed fit Deshabille pyjama set. My outfit arrived beautifully packaged in its own travel bag which I thought was a very clever touch and a great way to pack your pjs and carry whilst travelling! (Hopefully we can do a bit of travelling soon in 2020 otherwise ill just carry the bag around the house lol)

The word Deshabillé means “to be partially or casually dressed” or to “under dress” in French. Perfectly suited to the name, the Deshabillé label offers a range of stunning women’s (plus size also available) sleepwear, loungewear and beachwear that can be worn at home and into your day and night wear realm effortlessly.

Sleepwear is surprisingly one of the most important elements of a woman’s wardrobe so in 2006, fashion designer Roslyn Gleave discovered a gap in the market for practical yet trendy nightwear and teamed up with some of the finest artists to create sophisticated prints that would give sleepwear a state of the art quality and look.

Deshabille uses only the softest and most luxurious fabrics available and offers a fresh approach for laidback lifestyle. Its range has detailed finishes, delicate trims with embroideries and lace and each Deshabillé piece just like mine feels and looks amazing, I couldn’t help but ask my little boy, my mum and my sister to feel how soft my pjs were. I felt so carefree and cozy in them and didn’t want to take them off.

While loungewear is a main focus during winter, during the summer season Deshabillé compliments its sleepwear collection with a range of airy and relaxed beach dresses and beachwear which I cant wait to slip into this summer.

They are a stylish alternative to tracksuits or a t-shirt and shorts combination for a busy day out or relaxing evening at home, as well as being comfortable sleepwear. With so many wonderful options, you can easily find sleepwear that meets both your comfort and style needs. I found my perfect slumber set for lounging around the house and sleeping comfortably at night at Deshabille!! You can also find some of their range on Iconic. .

Deshabille is perfect for every day

Whether your asleep or out to play

It has a range of the finest and softest wear

From basics to body to the coziest sleepwear

2 thoughts on “Deshabille Sleepwear… Ça, c’ est le confort.

  1. My lovely cuz congrutoulations for your new beginning. The clothes are very nice and seem comfortable for every monent. And the colors.


  2. Gale great job with the description. It makes me want to go out and buy these pj’s. They also look so trending to wear all day with these restrictions we have been facing lately. Can’t wait to view more fashion from you. Great work keep it up and keep safe xxx


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