Zanne… The Label

Zanne Clothing is a new and exciting fashion label created in 2020 in Queensland. It has been a sought after online clothing destination for over a year for every woman looking for incredible trends that don’t exceed their budget As circumstances changed due to the Covid 19 crisis so did the fate of many businesses. Zanne had to determine its future to either close down or do something different. and just like that Zanne the Label was bought to life.

With an immense passion for fashion and determination the owner of Zanne Juj Wannouch invested all her time and money into designing her own clothing line and with so much love and support from loyal and new customers it has turned the business around. I couldn’t help myself to my very own Zanne tracksuit set with 5 colours to chose from I decided on black (of course).

The oversized, semi cropped ZANNE Hoodie and its flattering cozy joggers can be worn as a cute set (as i have done) or individually with almost anything and still look absolutely stunning. It has a perfect fit and the fabric quality is so soft and fleecy it makes you feel so cuddly yet stylish in them at the same time and the branding name on the back of the Hoodie really makes a statement, I am in love with this Zanne,

Zanne is meant for greater things and with its very own new spring/summer collection just around the corner I cant wait to see what else it has in store for Us. You can find my whole cozy outfit and more amazing fashion on the Zanne Website.

Zanne means blessed with beauty and grace

Founded with passion and embraced

Through these hard times its found a way

To create amazing fashion that’s here to stay.

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