Styling your look with a Scrunchie!!

I’ve always been a fan of scrunchies even when they weren’t in fashion.  I love them as they are playful, versatile and I prefer scrunchies to hair bands because they really help me avoid tangling and damaging my hair. Scrunchie hair styles are very popular these days and they are worn by so many woman, celebrities, influencers as well as stealing the spotlight at some fashion week shows.

Whether you have short and cute hairstyles to longer styles, there is a design that will suit all ages and looks. They can be worn with almost any outfit.

Here are my favorite ways of wearing a Modern Day Scrunchie

My scrunchies are all created by the amazing Scrunchee_Scrunch.

Blend it into your hair.

Scrunchies are often very eye catching so if your looking for a more subtle look blend the scrunchie into your hair by using similar shades to your hair and colors and patterns to your stylish outfit. Pick scrunchies that complement your overall appearance rather than making it a show stopping piece. It is no longer fashionable to have a scrunchie dominate your look. I chose a soft beige polka dot scrunchie and loosely tied my hair to the side, keeping my look very casual and simple.

The Elegant Ponytail.

Whether low or high up a scrunchie can give your ponytail an overall playful finishing touch and evokes comfort and simplicity . So tie your hair up in a ponytail any which way you like and add a scrunchie of your choice to add some excitement to your simple yet chic hair do. Choose a wild print or a subtle lemon colour like I did to spice things up a little.

The Bun.

One of my favorite hairstyles with a scrunchie is the beautiful Bun. They are easy to be made and so lady like. Whether it is the modern half up top bun, the messy tied up look or a classic ballerina bun It will always look amazing by adding the finishing touch with a thick scrunchie coiled around it. If you add a hot pink velvet scrunchie like I did it will become the main focus of your hairstyle.

Braid it.

A scrunchie can be used at the end of a long braid in place of a hair tie. Braiding your hair together in unique and different ways is fun and exciting so If you want to highlight a scrunchie with an attractive color or pattern, a braid is a great way to do so. Red satin was my choice for this cute braided look.

There are many more great ways of wearing a scrunchie. I always carry a scrunchie on my wrist while I’m keeping myself busy because for some crazy reason I’m constantly miss placing a small hair tie. So by wearing a scrunchie as an accessory on my wrist i can always find it and use it in time of need plus it looks delightful if matched with my attire.

You can find all my scrunchies and more at Scruchee_Scrunch

Scrunchee_Scrunch is a Melbourne based small business owned and crafted by Haylee Walker. She is an everyday simple girl living out her dream in the midst of lockdown creating little hair masterpieces…. Scrunchies .

Her exquisite fabrics and extremely stretchy elastic has been sourced out to suit all hair types and her choices of fun and exciting colours and patterns make you want to purchase the whole range.

From delightful rainbows, to yummy mushrooms and avocados, silk and suede the range is endless (I have 15 of them already, one for every outfit, well almost every colour.)

Not only does she make regular sized scrunchies, She also makes matching toddler ones too that are simply adorable and great gifts for just about any girl.

Scunchese_Scrunch has a lot of new and exciting products coming soon, Haylee has been keeping it a well hid secret. We will just have to wait and see.


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