Funky fun you

The name Funky Fun you is so catchy, engaging, and memorable. It personally reminds me of the 80s era with its fun and bright vivid colours and shiny costume jewelry and this creative and unique small jewellery business resembles all that and more. Their handmade accessories are shiny, colourful and evocative and each piece narrates its own magical story and is designed with materials such as figurines, toys, and flowers. Their accessories are also very modern and relevant to everyday life events.

I was dazzled by their bright colours, fun designs and attention to small detail that I had to share the story of Funky Funs mystical world with you.

Funky fun you was established in Melbourne in 2017 by two like minded talented woman Amy & Simona, Their interests and values in designing original and out of the ordinary accessories bought them close together to create fashionable and exciting masterpieces. After two years of successfully growing their business, Simona and Amy invited Anna to jump on board and join their amazing team. Together, the FunkyFunYou squad has merged their skills and balanced out each other creatively.

Amy & Simona

Every design incorporates elements of inspiration. They team is Inspired by nature, art and design and each product reveals a tiny fantasy world of its own. Their purpose is that every little pieces they bring to life evokes happiness and joyful memories to them and their customers.

FunkyFunYou is a fashion staple, with all products handcrafted. The very unique thing about this brand is no piece is thrown away or damaged, and any left-over materials are kept to be donated to children charity for fun DIY sessions or workshops.. All materials are toxin-free, and only high quality, professional-grade resin is used.

All of their pieces are made with love and for the everyday woman in mind to express her individuality and personal style. Wearing funky jewellery can take any outfit to the next level, so If your passionate about brilliant, affordable and distinctive accesories, then Funky Fun you is for you.

They are also the perfect gift for someone for any occasion.

As for me, I’m crazy about earrings especially dangling ones so I chose 2 pairs of statement earrings from Funky Fun you. My first choice was an eclectic and eccentric pair perhaps a little like me with a bright abstract design and hand-beaded elements called Flourish. I loved these earrings and couldn’t resist their gorgeous blue colour and flowing free style. They can be worn with casual denim attire or even for an evening out with a stunning dress.

My second pair Floral Donut are 100% handmade combining two of Funky Funs favourite things in the world, flowers and doughnuts… Yum!! They are the ultimate bright pop of colour you need in your wardrobe.

Get all the latest from Funky fun you on all social media platforms and on their amazing website.

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