Meridienne Designs

Captivated with this beautiful and magical handmade jewellery, I couldn’t resist but to share it with you. Meridienne Designs is Inspired by nature and its beauty. I’ve come across many handmade pieces but this exclusive brand stood out with its bold and bright colours and flourishing designs.

The small innovative business in tropical Darwin is owned and created by Meridienne Korbetis, a wonderful mum of 2 who acknowledges that creative pursuits and personal hobbies take a backseat whilst working and raising a family but in time she has slowly built her own establishment giving her the flexibility to work at her own pace and also allowing her children to get involved and enjoy the process of making stunning art.

Meridienne uses natural items to create her unique art pieces, she pours resin into molds in the evenings , allowing them to set over night then her children remove them for her in the mornings and hang them onto earring cards. This is a fun and exciting way to get the kids involved she says.

She has always loved eccentric, bright colours and fashionable products therefore all her range resonates with her lifestyle and her fashion sense. I loved the earrings I received from Meridienne Designs, they are so bold, vivid and super sexy and with a Holiday season mood. I mixed and matched them with so many beautiful outfits and they looked absolutely amazing on, Take a look:

All her pieces capture the spirit of the great outdoors and her love for adventure, featuring a range of flowers and leaves from a Local Darwin florist Magnolia flower merchants. Meridienne designs offers an exclusive range for every occasion.

Coming soon to the store is a range of funky designs with a flexible clip on styled earring clip. I cant wait to see her new collection!! Meridienne has also teamed up with me for one of the cutest Giveaways coming soon for one lucky lady for Christmas. Stay tuned!!!

You can find the Meridienne products on Instagram and on her vibrant Website.

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