Celeste Australia

Celeste Australia, has been endowed with the perfect name for its absolutely Heavenly skincare range. It is an Australian brand for all skin types and especially suitable for those with sensitive and dull stressed mature skin.  I love everything about this brand as it empowers women to take care of themselves and feel and look beautiful even at their dullest moments in the most natural way.

Celeste creates healthy, raw and vegan-friendly products with, 92% organic ingredients and sustainable packaging (one of the main reasons I noticed this brand was for their stunning packaging appeal) while inspiring self-care and motivating women to feel beautiful in their own skin . Developed and Formulated by an Australian Qualified Cosmetic Chemist and and Beauty Therapist, their products are made in magical Gold Coast, Australia.

Founder and Director of Celeste is an incredible woman called Viv, who has always loved lavish skincare. She is a mother of two who experienced PND (Postnatal Depression) twice. She had a lack of interest and motivation to take care of herself and she also found that most skincare products she was using at home were toxic and unhealthy for her. Celeste was bought to life when Viv decided to make lifestyle changes and create the finest natural plant based Australian skincare products

Celeste Australia believes a skincare routine is very important and should be something every women should enjoy and set aside time to focus on themselves. A skincare routine can motivate you to attain other healthy methods too. Taking care of yourself is very therapeutic and helps with self confidence because when you look good, you feel good..

Celeste has a beautiful range of scented vegan stick balms, exfoliant scrubs, hydrating moisturizers and more and they are all Australian-born and -bred,  I had the privilege of trying two of there gorgeous products. This is me with no makeup Raw and Natural!!!

The pure and clear exfoliant scrub mask was absolutely refreshing and light. To be honest I felt like I could eat it, I could really detect the oats in it. It felt so invigorating and smelt absolutely luxurious, My skin felt rejuvenated, healthier and more radiant. 

The exfoliant scrub mask is filled with great natural ingredients such as Raw Oats, Coconut Powder, Purifying White Clay and Pineapple, this scrub-to-mask blend clears away all dead skin cells leaving your skin feeling so soft and clear. Its Preservative-Free and Cruelty-Free too.

The Love + Grace Balm cleanser left my skin beautifully moisturized and the soft scent that lingered was so pleasing and refreshing., This lightweight liquid balm can cleanse, moisturize, remove makeup and dirt on your face from your day. Its simply perfect. Using a combination of Aloe Vera – famous for its healing and soothing properties, Rosehip Oil – hydrates, brightens and boosts collagen formation and Desert Lime  high amount of Vitamin C and improves skin tone,, Love + Grace Balm cleanser will leave your skin bright, cleansed and energized.

Celeste Australia is a wonderful skincare brand to keep in mind when looking for Australian made, natural ingredients and a variety of healthy products that will make your skin healthier, brighter and more luminous than ever.

You can find Celeste on their Instagram page and on there amazing website. Take a look at their range and their purpose, You wont be disappointed.

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