Beach Fox… Be sun smart

Australians love the outdoors and enjoying the sun, whether it’s spending a day at the beach, BBQ s with friends at the park or landscaping in the garden there’s something magical about being one with nature. But staying ‘sun safe’ and being aware of sun protection is always very important.

We’ve all been educated to wear sunscreen especially during the warm summer season ever since we were little but now its more than that its making sunscreen a regular part of our everyday routine. Why? Because it saves lives!!! Did you know Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. Wow… that’s alarming but there are wonderful small Australian businesses out there doing there part to help prevent that, like the one I’m about to share with you!!

Beach Fox is an Australian owned and made brand created by power couple Robbie and Dani Wood who live in Sydney’s Manly and have a beautiful baby girl. The idea to create sunscreen came about in a standard everyday conversation with a colleague of Robbie’s who was worrying that her teenage daughter didn’t want to wear sunscreen because it wasn’t “cool” enough. He started thinking about ways he could make sunscreen more enticing to apply to every person no matter the age group and so, after sharing his idea and concerns about when his daughter is in her adolescent years with his wife Dani and a few other people, BEACHFOX was created.

Robbie and Dani live, love and enjoy the magnificent beaches in Sydney every day and decided to create a sunscreen to compliment their lifestyle and share it with the world. So here it is:

Beach Fox sunscreen is beautifully packaged in vibrant and fun colours, it is slightly scented in a divine spray bottle and feels super light on the skin. It is affordable sun protection to help keep you safe from the sun’s damaging UV rays and totally chic to carry in your bag at all times.

I was so fascinated by its modern and bright presentation that I had to try it. When I received my Beach Fox products I fell head over heels. I’m the type of person that likes simple, stylish and convenient things. Beach Fox ticks all my boxes. It is wrapped up in a gorgeous spray bottle which makes it so easy to apply and locks after use. It looks and feels great on my skin whilst offering me protection from the sun. I also felt so refreshed and hydrated, wearing it, its simply wonderful.. What more can a girl ask for??

Beach Fox is created for every skin type (even the more sensitive ones), and it can be used on both the body and the face (how cool is that? All in one). It is 50SPF and water resistant and you can select from one of four brilliant scents such as their exotic coconut (one of my favorites) , sweet aromatic vanilla, fresh and earthy lime and tangy and fruity grapefruit You will smell as good as you feel.

Beach Fox sunscreen is also sweat proof keeping you dry, comfy and cool at all times, it has a 4 hour water resistant coverage, it is 100% cruelty free (so no testing on fury little innocent animals) and of best of all it is Local.

Beach Fox is a spectacular brand focusing on changing mindsets and creating awareness that sunscreen is the greatest act of self-care. Its time to Be Sun Smart in a foxy, stylish and safe way with an amazing Australian made product!! You can find Beach fox on Instagram and on their amazing website. I cant wait to see what they come up with next!!!

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