About Me

Hi my name is Gale well Calliope in Greek. If you know anything about Greek Mythology then you’ll know Calliope was the Muse of music, poetry and art. So my parents chose well when they gave me my name, it was meant to be!!

I’m a performer, an artist and a crazy mummy! My background is in music and arts , so ultimately wherever my career path took me , I knew I wanted to make sure it had something to do with my love for creativity and expression.

I believe when you start a blog you write about your passion of something. I’ve always loved fashion, music, travel, history and the psychology of colour and how it makes you feel. I am going to combine all my favorites together and create a place to share all my experiences of the past and present and my anticipation for the future on things to come..

I have been lucky enough to travel to many parts of Europe and live in Greece for 15 years so I am going to incorporate my love of European and Australian fashion.

Necklace from L,G handmade jewelry, Trikala!!

I was born and raised in Melbourne Victoria and after studying Visual Merchandizing at RMIT and following my love for music I moved to Greece in 2003 to begin a professional career in singing and songwriting. I was lucky enough to be apart of many astounding events in my time overseas such as the Eurovision, one of my biggest achievements. Not only is it known for its celebration of cultured music but also as a runway of wild, exciting and sometimes very shocking fashion from many different countries. It was mind blowing to be apart of it all.

Supporting Pavlovs Dog in 2010 in Athens

Whilst travelling and living in Greece I was so fortunate to learn more about my background culture and meet inspiring and very talented people. Naturally, fashion was always apart of my music career and my personal source for inspiration, which it is still until this day. 

Fashion to me is art, culture, history and all combined!

These days I have a 3yr old gorgeous little man in my life that keeps me very busy, non stop 12hr shifts for this mummy!. It is also the beginning of a new and exciting journey for me into fashion blogging, personal styling and colour analysis which I have studied at the Australian College of Professional Styling

You’ll find many posts here dedicated to the everyday busy woman whether she is a stay home mum or a business entrepreneur. You’ll read about my insight on colour, motherhood, European and Australian brands and many more, all combined with my love of fashion, music and colour,

Welcome to my blog!